Most of us think genetics is fate. We think ‘tough luck’ if some of our genes are programmed to make us stressed, depressed or seriously ill.  It turns out that it’s not so.

We have the capacity to change gene expression in ways that can change our life in amazing ways.

Especially the Stress Gene

Reprogram the  stress gene to extinguish stress reactions and higher order brain networks will expand  to  sustain peak performance at work and make you a more peaceful, happier person at home.  In addition, your biochemistry will begin functioning in ways that prevent chromosomes from generating cancer cells and causing premature aging.

Genes Can Be Reprogrammed

Genes can be reprogrammed through something as simple as a basic shift in attitude or change in life style.  It’s the discovery in a field of genetics called  epigenetics that has identified a biochemical code carried in our DNA called  epigenome.  These codes acts on genes like a dimmer switch.  They can turn down the power in genes that make  life difficult and turn up the power in those that make life wonderful.

What Turns Up the Power in the Stress Gene?

Researchers recently found evidence of this genetic feature in the brain tissue of people who were abused in childhood and later committed suicide. They found changes in the DNA expression of a gene that regulates the way the brain controls the stress response, intensifying stress reactions and short circuiting the brain’s capacity to calm these reactions.  As a result, the history of abuse made these people more vulnerable to anxiety and depression.   The environment of abuse had turned the stress gene way up, locking the brain into threat mode and generating a chronic state of stress.  It made their lives unbearable.  This unfortunate gene expression was not found in postmortem brain samples of people who had no history of childhood abuse...

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