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You inhale the crisp scent of fall as you walk to your front door, loving the chill in the air and the promise of the new season. You are already daydreaming of pies baking in the oven, fresh pine trees, and crackling fires—anticipating their welcoming scents as you walk in the door.

But then reality hits. Instead of a pleasant bouquet of the season, you are met with a perfume of sweaty football gear, wet shoes, and stale smoke from last night’s bonfire.

Instead of running to light up a hazardous scented-candle or to spray smell-masking chemicals all over your house, grab a few items you already have lying around and make an all-natural air freshener. Using baking soda and natural essential oils, you can clean your air and make it smell like the fall of your dreams. Make multiple and place them around your house for a fresh new scent in each room.


4 oz glass canning jars with lids
Scrapbook paper
A pen
A safety pin (or another tool to punch small holes in paper)
Box of baking soda
Scented essential oils of your choosing
A funnel (optional)


DIY All Natural Autumn Air Fresheners

Take the lids off of the jars and remove the metal insert in the lid.

DIY All Natural Autumn Air FreshenersDIY All Natural Autumn Air Fresheners

Use the lid insert to trace a circle on the scrapbook paper. Cut out the circle, cutting on the inside of the circle mark so that the paper circle fits inside the jar lid ring.

DIY All Natural Autumn Air Fresheners

Fill the jar with ¼ cup baking soda.

DIY All Natural Autumn Air Fresheners

Add the essential oils of your choice. If you’re using high-quality, organic essential oils, you should need about 6–9 drops of oil total. Some oils are more potent then others though, and it’s always easier to add more oil to make it stronger than to try to remove it.

DIY All Natural Autumn Air Fresheners

Lay the paper circle over the jar and screw on the jar lid ring (the paper circle replaces the jar lid insert).

DIY All Natural Autumn Air Fresheners

Poke several holes in the paper lid to allow the fragrance to escape.

DIY All Natural Autumn Air Fresheners

Maintenance: give the air fresheners a quick shake every once in a while to mix up the baking soda and stir up the fragrance. Add more oil as time passes (or as the seasons change) to suit your liking.

Four amazing autumn scents

Suggested Essential Oil Combinations:

Fall Spice

The equal combination of orange, clove bud, and rosemary will release a warm, spicy, aroma that is mentally uplifting and stimulating. Place in areas where alertness, memory recall, and being mentally sharp are required.

Autumn Woods

Taking a slow walk in an autumn forest is a great way to alleviate tension and stress. This combination of orange, pine, and cedar wood has a pleasing, woodsy aroma that has a soothing quality to help calm nervous anxiety.

Crisp Air

Like crisp autumn air, this orange, lemon, and peppermint essential oil combination is uplifting and energizing and helps promote a positive outlook.

Harvest wreath

The herbaceous aroma from this combination of peppermint, pine, rosemary, eucalyptus, and tea tree is useful in soothing nervous stress. It has invigorating, penetrating, and cleansing qualities and is best for places where foul smells are the worst.

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