Finding the Creative You

by David B. Goldstein

We all can be creative but it isn’t always easy. Sometimes ideas just come to us out of the blue and other times, they don’t. When we’re fortunate enough to recognize a good idea, it takes hard work developing it into something tangible. Being creative means doing something different. And even at times when we all can benefit from new answers — our friends, our colleagues, and our teachers often discourage us from trying anything new.  Unfortunately, it’s often easier to think that you aren’t creative even though you are.

With frequent and rapid changes in our lives and our work, each day we all face unprecedented challenges. We can’t solve our never-seen-before problems in the same way our parent did, and often we can’t even solve them in the same way we did last month. In order to get through our day, adapt to change, and thrive in our world, we all need to see ourselves as creative and to act creatively each day.

With many myths surrounding the act of being creative, the one most important thing to know is that we’re all creative in different ways; there isn’t a single “creative type.” Your friends, your colleagues, and your teachers are creative in their own ways and you are creative in your ways. Whether you are writing, singing, or finding the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list, you have your own unique creative style.

Your creative style comes through how you see the world and how you make decisions on the information that you collect. The more you know about how you prefer to do this, the more you can know yourself and how you are creative. As a starting point, you can and learn about your creative personality type by answering just four questions here. Our book, Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive, then provides an in-depth profile to help you find your own creative pathways.

Our greatest strengths come from our uniqueness.  Creativity takes courage and the more you know about your own personality strengths, the more confidence you can have to be yourself, take some risks, and try something new.



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