Get to Know Your Personal Energy Field
Excerpt from Heal Yourself–Heal the World by Deborah King

Get to Know Your Personal Energy Field

Your personal energy field consists of the energy that flows through and around your body. This energy field can also be called your aura, as it gives out electromagnetic energy and radiates light.

Your personal energy field has seven main energy centers. You might know these as your chakras. The word chakra stems from Sanskrit and means “wheel” or “circle.” These source points of spinning energy are composed of bundles of nerves; they connect to some of your major organs and glands, and they house your emotional and spiritual energies.

The seven main chakras are like a totem pole, going from the base of your spine to the top of your head: the first, or base chakra, is connected to survival and the health of your body; the second, or sacral chakra, is home to the pleasure principle and the seat of your creativity; the third, or solar plexus chakra, is the furnace of your power and will; the fourth is the heart chakra and the seat of love for the self; the fifth chakra, at the throat, is the center of expression; the “third eye,” or sixth, chakra holds the energy of spiritual insight and intuition; and the seventh, or crown, chakra is the radiant center of higher “knowing” and connection to Source.

Your chakras can reveal a lot about you. The lower three chakras tip you off about the safety and survival of your physical body, your relationship with yourself and others, and your personal power. The fourth chakra, the heart, is the point of balance in the whole system; it connects the lower three chakras with the upper three chakras that are the spiritual centers that connect you to Source. If there is any imbalance or distortion in your energy field, your chakras will certainly let you know, and eventually your physical body will reflect what is happening in your energy field.

How you navigate the world is directly dependent on the way your chakras or energy centers are working. For example, Marilyn Monroe’s energy was predominantly in the second chakra; the main way in which she saw the world and acted in it was through her sensuality. Napoleon Bonaparte operated predominately out of the third chakra—power and will—while Martin Luther King Jr. approached life principally from his throat chakra. Someone like the Dalai Lama has powerful energy in the seventh chakra.

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