How do signs and synchronicities work?

Guest post by Sara Wiseman

How do you make decisions?
How do you know which way to go?
Do you rely on the “facts”, or follow your intuition?
Do you follow the tried and true, or create your own path?
Are you clear on how the Universe communicates with you?


There are many ways to move through a life, to make decisions, to move forward on a path.

Yet in most cases, how you move through your life depends on your understanding of how the Universe works: how it communicates with us, how it guides us, how it leads us to our Highest Possibility in this lifetime.

The Universe works to guide us in many ways, but one of the most important is through synchronicities.


The limits of rational thought

For many centuries, we’ve been taught that rational, left-brained reasoning was the best way to make decisions: to think logically, and make choices based on “facts” or numbers or statistics.

We’ve also been taught to follow group thought or herd mentality; to make our decisions based on what others in the group think or do.


The group may be large, such as all of mainstream society. Or it may be smaller, such as a particular tribe within, including families, cultures, religions, nationalities, companies, teams.

We know now that both of these methods of decision making are limited—they’re like trying to create Michealangelo’s Sistine Chapel with only the colors black and white.

This is because both of these thought practices are devoid of soul perspective.

With both rational and group thought, we disallow the reality of ourselves as soul in human container, as Divine essence, as one of One.

It’s just not a big enough way of thinking, feeling or being.

You know this, when you reach a certain level of awareness, because rational thought and group thought begins to not make sense to you any more. It just shows up as a bunch of weird ideas that everyone is following!

This is because as you become more conscious of yourself as a spiritual being, you begin to see that your personal reality is constructed on multiple levels or layers.

And, you get to choose your own reality; you get to choose which level or layer you will inhabit.

This is a revelation that won’t make sense until you’ve experienced this shift in understanding. But once you do, you begin to experience a whole new way of living.


Synchronicites are soul guidance

There’s a lot to this. But for now, let’s focus on synchronicities.

Synchronicities are more than those funny coincidences that the Universe uses to get your attention.

Synchroncities are markers of soul guidance.

Synchronicities are markers or “flags” that the Universe uses to communicate with you in a way that is coincidental or unusual enough that you will stop in your tracks for a moment—you will pause for a moment in your stream of distraction and looping thoughts—and you will wake up.

As you take notice of the synchronicity, you will become aware of your own self as soul—even just for a moment.

In other words, they are disrupters.

They are there to wake you up. To jolt you out of distraction and group thought, into a state of mindful awareness.


How synchronicities work

When you are first learning to walk this path, the Universe will bring simple synchronicities to you.

This is how you can begin to understand how to follow, notice and be reminded how to stay in a conscious, awakened state.

It’s a way of helping you pay attention, and not fall back asleep!

For example, lots of people have the experience of seeing repeating numbers, such as 11:11, 3:33, 5:55 and so forth on a clock. Obviously, this is a digital phenomenon; it’s not a synchronicity that was available with analog clocks.

My own experience with these repeating numbers, which I have been seeing multiple times a day since 2004, is that the numbers themselves don’t matter all that much.

It’s really just a method the Universe uses, to show you that you are on the right track, or to nudge you to get on the right track, or to help you realize “yes, I am awake.”

I don’t worry about interpreting the specific number; as some do. I think that numerology is interesting, but in my own experience, I have found that paying attention to the experience that was happening at the time of the synchroncityis more important.

For example, if I notice 11:11, I won’t worry about the number meaning. Instead, I’ll connect instantly to my own personal situation:

What I was doing at that moment?

What I was thinking about at that moment?

What I was feeling at that moment?

What I am “working” on or processing?

For instance, today I have already noticed 10:10, 11:11, 1:11 and 2:22. Each time I see these numbers on the clock, I have taken a moment to pause from what I was doing, and pay attention to what I have been thinking about or working on.

Sometimes what comes up is very clear—I’ll understand clearly what the Universe would like me to notice. Other times, it’s quieter—a nod of support from the Universe.

Sort of like the Universe saying “yep, we’re still here.” Or “yep, you’re still awake. Keep on keeping on.”


How messages work

Another simple way the Universe will attempt to get your attention, is by messages.

It used to be that these arrived in books or signs— you might pick up a book and find a phrase that was relevant to your situation, or you might notice an actual street sign or license plate. Later, messages came on radio or TV. Now, messages arrive most frequently in email or on computer.

The Universe chooses the easiest technology—the fastest way to hook into the stream of etheric energy—in order to communicate with us.

When we first start to get notice this kind of messaging, we’re amazed: “I was trying to make a decision about this, and then a song came on the radio.” Or, “I was thinking about this problem, and then I got this email” or “I found this book at my acupuncturists and opened it to this page, and it could have been written directly for me.” Or, whatever it is.

But after we learn to live in Flow like this for many years, we are no longer surprised. These sorts of etheric messages arrive not just now and then, but all the time.

In fact, when we are living in Flow, if there comes a time when we are NOT seeing these types of messages, we might check as to how we are acting and being.


How convergences work

Convergences are when people, place, time and space come together, to create a new outcome or possibility.

For example, when two lovers meet for the first time—both having been called by the Universe to a certain coffee shop on a certain day at a certain hour—this is a convergence.

Convergences are the most important synchronicity, because they signify that something is changing.

Something has shifted in the field, to create the convergence, because it is important.

Thus, when you find yourself meeting someone “by chance” or in a new place “by coincidence” or wherever you are led to be in the odd meeting of people, place, time, space, pay attention.

Chances are good, the Universe is moving you to a new possibility.


The Universe guides us

Synchronicities, messages and convergences are all ways that the Universe guides us—or attempts to guide us.

Remember: we are often too distracted to notice the tens or hundreds or thousands of synchronicities that arrive to us each day.

When we’re distracted—or when we’re heavily identified with linear thought or group thought—we miss these ways the Universe is communicating with us.

It just makes sense, doesn’t it? There we are, out in the world, seeking answers. And yet we’re so distracted, we miss all the guidance the Universe is sending us!

And yet, when we do slow down, pay attention and simply notice, the Universe reveals all, including:

  • Answering our questions
  • Guiding our decisions
  • Helping us see our next step
  • Helping us be in the right place at the right time
  • Guiding us to new possibilities

If you ever feel confused, take a moment to relax your thoughts, and simply begin to notice how the Universe is communicating to you.

Within a few moments, you will begin to notice the steady stream of synchronicities, messages and convergences that are beginning to arrive to you.

If you are still confused, relax more… and keep noticing, listening and waiting.

Guidance always comes.

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