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By Medium Hollister Rand

I haven’t heard a spirit say “COVID-19” - - yet. However, the spirits had been alluding to the pandemic even before news of it had broken.

At least 18 months ago, I wrote these words in my book, Everything You Wanted to Know About the Afterlife, but Were Afraid to Ask:

I am seeing angels with ever-increasing and somewhat stunning frequency. This may be because there are serious threats to life on our planet.

 Late last year a message from a beloved mother in spirit to her daughter included this: “She is saying that a big change is coming but she’s not saying what.” The daughter reminded me of this message on March 18 and stated, “This is interesting in retrospect.” Yes, indeed.

Early in February, I was on a call with a scientist and saw other scientists in spirit with him while we were speaking. One spirit’s presence, Tesla, was expected, but others, including Jonas Salk, were not. However, the fact that the virologist known for the polio vaccine was making his presence known in early February now makes perfect sense.

This is the first time in my lifetime (and therefore most of yours) that the entire world is thinking about life and death - - at the same time. We are grieving the loss of loved ones, loss of regular routine, loss of jobs, loss of physical contact.  

What is the role of spirits during a singular time like this?

Well perhaps the place to start is to make clear what their role is not. The spirits are not here to intervene in ways that would interfere with our free will. Rather, their interest in us and our lives here on earth is to participate in our transformation. This is one of the reasons why butterflies so often signify the presence of spirits. Butterflies are the perfect physical representation of transformation - - from caterpillar to butterfly. In the isolation and vulnerability of the cocoon stage, transformation occurs. Human transformation, on the other hand, may require momentous and traumatic changes, personal and global, to create a willingness to consider alternatives to accepted norms. Death is the greatest transformer. Death changes us - - on this side and on the other side.

What then, do the spirits offer?

The spirits offer comfort. In these challenging days of physical distancing, the spirits navigate among us as they always have - - demonstrating unconditional love - - without the benefit of physical bodies. Spirits may inspire health care workers to act with extreme kindness - - FaceTiming with families who need to say goodbye, for example. No one dies alone - - not with the spirits on call. As people are dying they will see those they love, ready to show them how to leave the body behind. In my book I write about a man who stared intently toward the corner of the room as he drew close to death. During a session with his wife, he made it clear that his beloved mother in spirit was there for him - - waiting and welcoming.

The spirits offer to connect. In these days of virtual meetings and latenight show hosts Zooming from their basements, we are all learning how to connect differently. The spirits have been ready, willing and able to connect with us - - no internet or Zoom required. We simply need to do our part - - be willing to adopt a meditation practice, be grounded, be open to signs, take note of dreams. In my inexpensive online classes, I teach simple things that we can do everyday to get and stay connected.

The spirits cooperate with scientists and researchers, and leaders to find solutions and respond to the magnitude of human suffering. In my new book, I present the idea that nothing on this earth happens without a spirit component. That includes finding solutions to problems that seem overwhelming and devastating. Every researcher, virologist, epidemiologist and doctor has spirit support, whether they acknowledge it or not. The “aha” moments of inspiration may drive innovation at surprising speed. The spirits offer hope, not false hope, but hope that is based in inspiring people to be their best - - and do beyond their best.

Here is an entire paragraph from my book from the answer to which I referenced earlier:

I am seeing angels with ever-increasing and somewhat stunning frequency. This may be because there are serious threats to life on our planet. However, these are also times of great connectivity, with momentous opportunities for change and transformation, both personal and global. The presence of the angels indicates that the highest frequencies of creation are here on Earth and therefore accessible to us. Their presence may be an urgent request that we listen—and learn.


The spirits can help us create a new way of living, a sustainable one supported by love. When nothing is normal, it can be an opportunity to think outside the box. Who better to show us how to do that than those who live outside the box of physical limitation?

The spirits offer us comfort. They offer connection and inspiration. Spirits cooperate with us to find solutions. And despite how things look or seem - - and no matter what goes on around us, the spirits offer to share with us - - their peace.

Hollister Rand provides specific messages from loved ones living in the spirit world. Her first book, I’m Not Dead, I’m Different, is available in stores and online. Hollister’s second book, Everything You Wanted to Know about the Afterlife, published by Beyond Words/Atria is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Her radio appearances include Coast to Coast with George Noory, Sirius XM’s, The Séance with John Edward and television appearances include America Now and Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. You may contact Hollister at HollisterRand@gmail.com or on Facebook and learn more about her work at www.HollisterRand.com.


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