“To draw is to feel, to emote, to express thought and feeling through line, shape, texture, and color.” -from Making Marks

Discover the art of intuitive drawing with author and artist Elaine Clayton!

At some point we’ve all drifted off during a work meeting, or a math class and seen what our minds can do when our pen hits the notepad. It turns out that these freeform drawings aren’t just doodles, but windows into our intuitive selves.

Elaine Clayton’s new book Making Markswill challenge you to tap into your creative self and teach you about certain styles of drawing and how they relate to you. While reading you will learn about your artistic inquisitiveness through fun, interactive exercises, vibrant illustrations, and detailed interpretations to help you gain deeper insights from your own drawings.

This book isn’t just a fun read, but also an instructional, informative tool. It’s a book you will keep around on your bookshelf and return to throughout different stages and moments of your life. Enjoy!

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