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By John J. Murphy

I have often said to my clients that it doesn’t do a lot of good in the long run to solve problems inside a box when it is the box itself that is the problem. A box, or paradigm, is a limited belief system. It has rules and boundaries that we follow in order to be successful, and these rules are generally developed from assumptions. We think that by following these rules we will be effective – and in many cases we are, in the short run. We work a certain number of hours or days to get a job done. We dress a certain way to fit in. We eat at certain times of the day. We get degrees to get good jobs. We fuel our cars with gasoline. We go to the doctor or take medicine when we get sick. We think more is good and bigger is better. The world is full of paradigms, many of which are never challenged. Yet a paradigm shift can send everyone else back to zero. Look what happened to Blockbuster Video, Borders Books, Circuit City and so many more. After all, who wants a six sigma (near perfect) VHS or floppy disk today?

I now see a major paradigm shift unfolding in the world of leadership and management. With more and more emphasis on mindfulness, consciousness and awareness, people are “waking up” to the exciting fields of energetics, epigenetics and the power of mind-over-matter. Put another way, what sages and mystics have been saying for centuries is now proving true in quantum physics labs and scientific circles around the world. For example, meditation has profound effects on the brain and overall health and well-being of a human. In other words, what we think literally affects us physically, mentally, socially, and psychologically.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2015/02/09/7-ways-meditation-can-actually-change-the-brain/#7732ce441465

Here is something else to consider. The thoughts we choose to think affect our DNA and our DNA influences the field of energy around us. In other words, we can indeed “light up a room” with a loving mindset and positive heart coherence.  The experiments and data on this are clearly game-changing.

So, what is this paradigm shift taking place in leadership? What is the old, traditional model we have grown up with, and what is the new one?  Let’s examine this, and as we do think about the culture you are working in now. Remember, culture is generally a reflection of the senior management and the thought-system they are using.

            Traditional Management Box:

  • Ego-based – Dualistic: Us-Them, Right-Wrong
  • Fearful, Anxious, Doubtful, Insecure
  • Independent, Isolated, Functional – “Me-opic” (What’s in it for me?)
  • Divisive, Silo’d
  • Separates people and activities
  • Competing and comparing
  • Win-lose mindset
  • Command and control
  • Push-oriented; Force, Direct, Enable
  • Argumentative; right-wrong dichotomy
  • Aggressive; Attack and defend
  • Protect yourself; Cover your butt
  • Blame; Point fingers; Make excuses
  • Stubborn and resistant
  • Never satisfied; Always need more
  • Proud; Our side is better than your side
  • Academic and intellectual
  • Dramatic
  • Tough

            Miracle-Minded Management Thinking:

  • Spirit-based; In-Spirit, Inspiring, Positive, Creative, Contemplative 
  • Fearless, Enthusiastic, Eager, Confident, Authentic, Faithful
  • Interdependent – “We-Opic” (What’s in it for We?)
  • United; Think in terms of Oneness, At-One-Ment
  • Integrates people and activities; Connects
  • Cooperating and sharing; Synergistic
  • Win-win mindset
  • Influential, intriguing, light-hearted, and magnetic
  • Pull-oriented; Attract, Empower
  • Collaborative
  • Peaceful; Harmonious, Fun
  • Honest and genuine; Admit mistakes
  • Forgiving; Understanding; Compassionate
  • Open and resilient
  • Grateful and appreciative
  • Humble; Nothing to prove
  • Wise and intelligent
  • Mindful and present
  • Graceful

Put in very simple terms, one cannot have true faith and fear at the same time. It is one or the other. Period. These are two completely different thought-systems. The ego is fear-based. Every thought inside this box is dualistic, defensive and protective in nature. It is this thought-system that triggers anxiety, stress, worry and doubt. It is this thought-system that sees everything – and everyone – as separate, independent and isolated. We know we are thinking and managing from this thought-system whenever we feel guilt, grief, worry, doubt, fear, stress, scarcity, lack, anger and pride. Stop and ask yourself, do I feel this way from time to time? The answer is no doubt “Yes” because we are in this box – the human box, the ego box. In other words, it is “human nature” to see ourselves as limited and separate – as people (perhaps having occasional, temporary spiritual experiences).

The Miracle-Minded box is radically different. With this belief system, we are eternal, spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. We know that we existed before we were born into our bodies and we know we will return to where we came from when we leave our bodies. Life is cyclical – just like the seasons, the planets, night and day – not linear. This is what it means to be truly inspired, truly in-Spirit. Nothing worries us. We know that what goes around comes around. Nothing stands in our way. We are timeless, passionate souls finding ways to express ourselves as human beings. We are imperturbable, meaning we are not affected by anything external. We walk with inner peace in any situation. Imagine what this is like and you will begin to understand this new paradigm. And if you are fortunate, you will know someone who is embodying this thought-system now and serving as a role model and mentor for you. The new paradigm is beginning to reveal itself as organizations like Alphabet-Google host SIY – Search Inside Yourself training, and British Parliament teaches meditation and mindfulness to Members of Parliament.

I believe the world is at a tipping point today. We have businesses, governments and cultures across the globe seeking ways to protect themselves, finding new ways to build walls and separate people. We have leaders in positions of great power who are fearful, doubtful and even antagonistic. Imagine the energetic “vibration,” or low heart coherence that this is driving. Entire nations worrying about what is going to happen next? You see, it isn’t just what we think about individually. This is important, of course. But when we think negative thoughts collectively – whether it is fearing a natural disaster, economic crash, terrorist attack or whatever – we are energetically attracting “like vibrations” into our lives. We are reaping what we are sowing, consciously and subconsciously. Enlighted, miracle-minded leaders know this, and are bringing about world peace by embodying and demonstrating peace in everything they do. To paraphrase Gandhi, we must be the [peace] we want to see in the world. And the only way to do this is to identify and eliminate the root cause to conflict. This is the shift taking place. The root cause is the ego thought-system. It drives fear because it is fear-based. It fosters separation because it cannot see unity. It triggers stress because it thrives on drama. The solution is letting it go and adopting a new, miracle-minded thought-system. Yes, miracles exist. You are one of them. With over 50 trillion cells in your body, all endowed with sacred intelligence and miraculously getting along, do you not think it is possible to channel the same sacred intelligence to your team of 10 or 20 or 100,000 people? As we hurl through space at over 65,000 miles per hour on planet Earth, spinning at over 1,100 miles per hour, do you not think there is a greater power at work? Miracles are happening all the time, often going unnoticed. This is another clue for the Miracle-Minded shift. When it takes place, you will see these synchronicities happening multiple times throughout the day. You will witness a much greater power at work in your life and it will literally change your energetic vibration – your frequency. Think of this like a radio dial. There are many different frequencies playing at once and you can choose the “vibe” that resonates with you. Now consider that these energetic vibrations can be calibrated on a scale of consciousness. So, for example the energy of guilt and grief (both ego frequencies) calibrates at a much lower level than love, appreciation and forgiveness. For more on this and the testing methodology used, I recommend the work of Dr. David Hawkins.

I believe Miracle-Minded Management is the answer to our problems, individually, organizationally and globally. It closes gaps. It corrects misperceptions. It unites people. It facilitates flow. It empowers us with energy and creativity beyond the imagination. Want to be more mindful? Get out of your own way. Start by challenging your assumptions and limiting beliefs, and then let go to let flow! You will know you have made the shift when people who used to annoy you are now seen as teachers – of patience, compassion and forgiveness. You will know you made the shift when you no longer get angry, impatient or stressed. You will know you made the shift when people look at you differently and feel a greater sense of peace and confidence in your presence. You will know you made the shift when you work less and accomplish a lot more, and when you slow down but move much faster. You will also witness more miracles and synchronicities (amazing coincidences) throughout the day. It is not that these are just now happening. They have been happening since the beginning of time. It’s that you are now becoming aware of them. This takes awareness to a very different level – from the physical level to the energetic and spiritual level.

If you are looking for practical ways to get started with this transformation, this transcendence of ego, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Find an enlightened, miracle-minded mentor to guide you (and your organization). Look for someone who walks the talk, teaches meditation and miracle-mindedness through demonstration.
  2. Consider an interactive workshop on miracle-minded management. 
  3. Investigate A Course in Miracles, a self-study course developed in the 1970s that has helped millions of people around the world make the shift.   

I have now been consciously practicing Miracle-Minded Management for many years, and it has made a world of difference for me, my family, my colleagues and my clients. No longer do I feel worried or stressed about anything. I meditate daily and bring peace of mind to everything I do – my writing, my teaching, my speaking and my consulting. Clients often tell me that I am unlike any other consultant they have ever worked with, and they ask me my secret. You now have it!

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