Planting a Fairy Garden

"> Planting a Fairy Garden

"> Planting a Fairy Garden


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Fairies love nature in general, but they are especially drawn to flowers. Sometimes flowers are useful to fairies, but other times, they just like curling up inside a blossom to sleep the day away. 

Whether in your backyard or a window box, here are ideas for planting a fairy-friendly garden:

  • Bluebell 

Some fairies are summoned by the ringing of bluebells.

  • Daisy

Wearing a daisy chain will protect you from fairy tricks.

  • Foxglove

Fairies use these flowers to make hats and gloves. Look closely and you will see tiny spots on the blossoms—fairy fingerprints!

  • Jasmine

This sweet-scented flower attracts fairies from all around the world.

  • Marigold

To see invisible fairies, pick a marigold, swirl it in some water, and dab a few droplets on your eyelids.

  • Pansy

Many fairies use this flower to make love potions.

  • Primrose

Put some on your porch to let fairies know they’re welcome in your home.

  • Pussywillow

The soft, silky pods make perfect fairy pillows.

  • Rocks

Fairies are attracted to all kinds of shiny stones like agate, quartz, or crystal. Use them to decorate your garden and give the little ones a place to sit.

  • Shiny things

Fairies love to look at their reflection, so include shiny things like a mirror or a dish of water in your garden design.

Learn more about planting a fairy garden in Finding Fairies: Secrets for Attracting Magickal Folk by Michelle Roehm McCann and Marianne Monson.

Available November 8, 2022, in paperback.

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