At the Center of the Universe

The mountain spirits speak, telling you of their ancient memories. You walk around the stones of a sacred fire, and you sense the breath of your ancestors in the purple smoke. They wish to transform your doubt and your pain. There is a ceremonial chant loud in your brain; and the dancers, like the sacred dancers of old, are pulling you into ceremony. They are the equivalent of the Great Spirit—here to remind you of the creation of life and death. You open your prayers as a sacred hoop of your life and offer them to the winds of time, caressing the world.

A great warrior appears and descends on the mountain pathway to join you. “You have made a sacrifice in your life—what is it?” he asks. “What is your life’s greatest truth and how do you express it? Is your truth held in your pain or is it hidden within the butterflies that softly lead your transformation?”

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