The delicious smell of printer's ink, the whooshy sound of pages being flicked through, and many a blissful sigh abound in the office today. Reason: we have just got some early copies of Jessica Maxwell's Roll Around Heaven.

Not only that, but Ms Maxwell will be in town tomorrow for the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Fall Show.

I can't stop talking this book up—it is so fresh, exuberant and spiritually satisfying. Sometimes you find one book from a season that just clicks with you.

When I started reading the early galley of Roll Around Heaven I carried it around with me everywhere, and my conversation started being peppered with little examples of what Jessica had experienced, apropos of... well, not that much really. I think I just liked having her voice inside my head. But it was when the cover art was finished that I gave a squeak of joy and did a happy dance. Perfect! The cover is Perfect!

I'm afraid you all will have to wait a little longer (pub date is October 6) but I couldn't resist sharing my happiness with you. I hope that you will be equally as excited and enlightened by Jessica's book  as I was. And if you happen to be at the PNBA Fall Show on Friday, pop by our booth and say hello!

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