Staff Pick of the Week One of the best aspects of working at a book publisher is that you get paid to read books! What’s better than that? In the office, we are always reading, passing around, and discussing the newest titles coming out. We decided to take the active energy surrounding our books and bring you in on the conversation. So, we’re beginning a new weekly tradition here on the blog at Beyond Words: Staff Picks. Our hope is to provide all of our readers some insight into the books we’re discussing, what we’re saying about them, and, especially, invite you to join in on the conversation. Please post your comments, share you stories, and be our partners in transformation. Leah’s Pick of the WeekThe Code: Unlocking the Ancient Power of Your Birthday

I firmly believe that the key to strong relationships lies in truly understanding and accepting the people in our lives: What makes them tick? What are their strengths? Where do they need support? It can really be a struggle to unlock these aspects of people in all areas of our lives, from co-workers to friends, family members to spouses. Also, we often struggle with simply understanding our selves and the deeper forces that guide our actions in life. The Codedelivers one way to better understand our selves and the people around us. Rooted in the tradition practiced for generations by the people of the Tyrolean mountains in Western Europe, The Codeoffers an accessible yet profound wisdom that can be applied to every aspect of ones life and each of ones relationships. In the book’s introduction, our Editor in Chief, Cynthia Black, describes The Code’s method. “It [ The Code] combines two dimensions working together: the power of one’s birthdate and the energies of colors.” These two powers are then combined on the Birthday Wheel, which brings in energetic motion and the points of the compass—North, South, East, West, and Center. This combination allows us to see the picture of the whole person. It can unlock the mystery within our relationships. Why does your spouse react in a certain way? How can I better understand and build stronger relationships with my colleagues. Most important, The Code is not just about who we are, but about who we can be. It’s a system to better guide your life and fulfill your true potential by living in tune with our natural gifts. It’s a book that can be referenced over and over again for all aspects of ones life and for every member of ones social circle. I’ve decoded myself, my husband, and am now moving on to my wonderful nieces. So far, the results have been nothing less then enlightening. Unlock your Code here, then read the book to learn more.

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