In the book  The Power of the Heart we explore the idea of "authentic power." Authentic power comes from aligning your personality with your soul. This allows us to transform negative emotions into harmless ones, bringing to awareness our deeper understanding and compassion. The four fundamental properties to create and deploy your Authentic Power are:

1. Love: This kind of love includes compassion, caring about others. This kind of love makes you view every hungry mother and every hungry child as your own mother and your own child.

2. Humility: This kind of humility recognizes that the lives of others can be just as difficult as your own, that everyone goes through life with some pain, loss, and difficulty. Humility allows you to bear in mind that everybody is a beautiful soul and that everybody struggles.

3. Forgiveness: Forgiving someone for hurting or wronging you is like laying down a heavy burden. The person you forgive may not even be aware of your action, because you do it first and foremost for yourself. Unless you forgive, you will find yourself looking at the world as if through a pair of dark glasses that makes everything look dreary and adversarial. Forgiving is like taking off those glasses and seeing that the world is full of love and light.

4. Clarity: Clarity is seeing your life as part of a greater whole. You realize that you are not a victum, but that you are here on earth to learn from all of your experiences, both positive and negative. You realize that you are an immortal soul and thus infinitely more than just the body and personality you posses at present.

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