" This past week, we had an author visit our office. His name is Pierre Prandevand and he is the author of a book called The Gentle Art of Blessing. I found this topic of interest as it mirrors a shamanic teaching: being aware of your own energy, and living in a good way to bring about the best karma to all.

In the shamanic teaching (and it really isn't a solely shamanic teaching as it has echoes in many other areas, I find), I am to be aware of how I am being at all times, of what energy I am putting out at all times. It is an awareness of how I am affecting others, life, my energetic environment. I am to take a step back and see how I may need to alter my behavior, my energy, my intention, how I respond versus how I react.

This is an awareness I have learned in many different aspects all my life. And I believe it was a message I needed to hear again.

With Pierre's visit, I was reminded again of this powerful awareness. He teaches that blessing is a lifestyle -- and you bless those who anger you, upset you, wrong you. Because when you bless someone, you take away all material appearances and you are left with one's soul, one's divinity.

I actually tried this out. One morning, my daughter and I were having a tough time. When I noticed myself getting upset, I started to bless her. In her wholeness, her independence, her kindness, her peace, her beauty. Within five minutes, my anger had gone, and I was left with a love for her that touched me deeply. She had become once more my beloved daughter, not some problem. And also within those five minutes, she told me that she loved me, and that she could feel my love coming to her.

I tried this with drivers on the road, co-workers, people in the store. The more I change my own energy, my own attitude, the more my environment changes around me in positive ways. The more I relate to others as spiritual human beings rather than a series of surface behaviors that I may find irritating. And as I respond instead of react, I am keeping my lower vibrational emotions -- anger, worry, jealousy, judgment -- from being dumped all over someone else. These lower vibrations are raised. Which in turn raises those around me.

I am reminded to walk the good red road. I am reminded to bless others. I am reminded that my energy is my responsibility. And that as a shaman -- as a person -- I have a responsibility to sustain as much balance and harmony in this world as I can. May rainwater blessings shower down upon you."

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