Your passion is the one thing you offer the world that can never be duplicated, outsourced, or silenced. With soaring unemployment rates, many people now find themselves without a job or with employment that is unsatisfying, tenuous, or even in conflict with their values. In these difficult times, some of us may not feel like we have the freedom to pursue what we truly want in our lives. But I say now is the perfect time to pursue your passion, refocus on your deepest values, and then live it. The Connection,from Anthony Silard, offers a clear guide to discovering your passion and integrating it into your professional and private life. Tony Silard offers dozens of simple strategies to help anyone:
            • Build a career that aligns with your values.
            • Create a holistic view of success.
            • Transform your dreams to goals, and your goals to reality.
            • Bring purpose to every aspect of your life.
Now is the time to build a foundation for change, and, ultimately, the skills to cultivate a truly authentic life. Read an excerpt here.

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