Excerpt from Emergence

by  Derek Rydall

This journaling exercise is best done at the end of the day, as an inventory of your progress. Writing down what you are noticing and experiencing helps you expand your consciousness of confidence, possibility, and overall abundance and creates the inner conditions for greater insight, inspiration, and expansion. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity or familiarity. I’ve seen people do this work and experience spontaneous opportunities and increased prosperity in their life.

Make four lists:

  • I Have
  • I Can/I Am Able
  • I Have Achieved/Successes
  • I Am Grateful For

Under “I Have,” write everything you have, inside and out; the qualities you are activating and expressing; the gifts, talents, and abilities; the people and things in your life; whatever money you have (even if it seems little). Include things you have access to that you don’t actually own. You might have paved roads, sewer systems, a library system, and the Internet. All told, you probably have more wealth than some of the royalty from ancient times. Allow yourself to revel in all you have. If there’s a particular area in your life where you’ve been looking for a breakthrough, pay special attention there and be as thorough as you can in recording all you have in that area. For example, if you want to start a business but need a million dollars in capital, the tendency is to focus on what you don’t have, what’s missing, and then react from that, which tends to magnify the feeling of lack and create resistance. Instead, focus on what you do have, inside and out.

Under “I Can/I Am Able,” write about all the things you can do, all the things you are able to do. This is especially important to do in areas where you feel stuck, victimized, lacking, or inadequate. Using the example of trying to start a business, think about what you can do. You can create a business plan; you can call everyone you know and offer them an investment; you can learn about people who have built businesses from nothing; you can do inner work on building the mind-set of a successful business owner—there’s so much you can do.

For the “I Have Achieved/Successes” list, write down all the things you’ve accomplished or achieved. Then, daily, write down at least five successes you had that day, even if it’s just “got out of bed” or “brushed my teeth.” There are many people who didn’t achieve either of those. Again, pay attention to any area in which you’re trying to have a breakthrough. If it’s money, look for the things you’ve achieved in that area, including any money you’ve made, saved, invested, given, or found—even if it’s just a penny! The universal law doesn’t know quantity, just quality.

For “I Am Grateful For,” it’s pretty obvious. But stretch. Find things to be grateful for that you’ve taken for granted. Let yourself be surprised by what you find to be grateful for. Really allow thanksgiving to be activated. “I’m grateful for that person who opened the door for me.” “I’m grateful for the sun activating my vitamin D.” “I’m grateful for my ability to be grateful!” Once again, pay particular attention to any area where you’re working for a breakthrough. What can you be grateful for there?

As you do this, you’re creating conditions congruent to your vision—welcoming conditions. Wealth can’t come into a consciousness or experience that isn’t a vibration of wealth. Nor can love take up residence where anger, resentment, or blame are making their bed. The vision that’s trying to emerge is literally made out of these qualities you’re activating.

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