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“This Virus is Stressing Me Out!”

Insights from the Miracle-Minded Manager

By John J. Murphy


Do you wake up in the morning with your mind racing?

This coronavirus is stressing me out!What am I supposed to do? I’m isolated and bored. And, at the same time, I’m overwhelmed with anxiety and fear and doubt. What if I get sick? What if my loved ones get sick? Are we all going to die? Who is going to help us? What am I supposed to do?

So, you turn on the news to find out what is going on, and you get peppered with more negative programming. We have shortages of food and medical supplies. We have cancelled flights and layoffs. We have economic woes. We have businesses and schools shutting down. We have curfews. We’re being told we can’t visit our family and friends who need us.

What are we supposed to do?

If this all sounds too familiar, you are not alone. We all have challenges. We are all being effected by these issues. No one has total and complete peace of mind. Well, almost no one.

A relatively small percentage of people do not stress out—people who live in peace, rather than “rest in peace” after they die. I call these mindful leaders Miracle-Minded Managers. Perhaps you know one. We are people who look at life differently, people who do not get swept away by the fury of fear. It isn’t that we don’t respect the severity of what is happening. We simply recognize that anxiety is a creation of the mind, an illusion that triggers the body to respond with the secretion of stress hormones—giving us proof that whatever it is we are thinking is real. Stress does not come at us. It comes from us!

We also recognize that worrying about things we have no control over only weakens our immune system and invites illness. Disease triggers disease. Why worry and attract ill health? Why manage something we can eliminate? Why not shift to Miracle-Minded Management (MMM), a completely different paradigm?

To make this shift and free ourselves, we must consider where stress comes from. We need to get to the root cause. Otherwise, it returns relentlessly giving us more and more to manage—and worry about! It is a vicious circle with no end.

So, where does this unhealthy stress come from? What triggers it? Is it really the coronavirus, or is it another external factor causing it? Or, is it simply a negative projection of the mind? Is it really the exam we’re about to take, the job interview we’re walking into, or the keynote speech we’re about to deliver that gets our hearts racing? Is it our assumption that something might go wrong?

Here is the punchline.

We hold the dial.

We have the option to change our thinking. If there is something going on that agitates us, we have the power to shift our attention to something else. We are never upset because of some external situation or person. We are only upset by what we think of that external situation or person. So, if something is bothering you, change the channel. Change your mind. Think of something else. Find something positive and peaceful to think about. Start with gratitude. Dial into something you are thankful for.

Why is this important? Because what we hold in our mind affects our feelings. If we imagine something scary, we feel scared and our bodies respond with stress hormones. Now, we have proof that whatever it is we are thinking about is scary! We always find evidence to prove that what we see in the mind’s eye is right.

More importantly, when we trigger a negative feeling, we send a negative signal out from our heart center and this signal calls for a similar response. This is the Law of Attraction. Like signals attract like responses. Misery loves company. Therefore, if we are emitting a dark, fearful, negative energetic frequency, we are calling for dark, fearful, negative outcomes in our lives. We are blocking health and well-being because these frequencies only connect with signals of health and well-being. Like attracts like. Feelings of gratitude call for more to be grateful for.

The next time you are feeling anxious, nervous or afraid, stop and examine your thoughts. What are you thinking that is triggering this reaction? Are you thinking you might get sick? Lose your job? Lose a loved one? Go broke? Make a mistake? Hurt yourself? Embarrass yourself? Whatever it is, recognize that it is simply a negative projection of your mind. Now try shifting your thinking. If you are well, embrace the fact that you are well. Why worry about something that may never happen? If you are sick, imagine yourself feeling better and growing stronger.

These ideas and thoughts can be applied to the coronavirus, too. Use your mind and imagination to signal positive outcomes. Think gratitude. Embrace the Law of Attraction, and manage it in a miracle-minded way.

Your life will unfold in the most positive manner.

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