March is the month to celebrate women, their struggles and their triumphs, and the place women hold in the world today. To celebrate, we thought we'd put together our list of favorite Beyond Words books to honor women (and girls).

5. Girls Who Rocked the World by Michelle Roehm McCann and Amelie Welden

Young women today crave strong, independent role models to look to for motivation. Now, fully updated after more than a decade,Girls Who Rocked the World offers a fun and inspiring collection of influential stories. A variety of achievements, interests, and ethnic backgrounds are represented, from Harriet Tubman and Coco Chanel to S.E. Hinton and Maya Lin—each with their own incredible story of how they created life-changing opportunities for themselves. Personal aspirations from today's young women are also interspersed throughout the book, as well as profiles of teenagers who are out there rocking the world right now—girls like Winter Vinecki, the creator of the non-profit organization Team Winter, and Jazmin Whitley, the youngest designer to show at L.A. Fashion Week.

4. In Disguise! Undercover with Real Women Spies by Ryan Ann Hunter

In Disguise!shows how one brave woman can change the world if she puts her mind to it. And we're not talking about sitting at a desk decoding messages. We're talking about great escapes, perfect disguises, and history-changing acts of courage! With 30 captivating stories of intrigue and adventure, along with tips and quizzes to see if you have what it takes to be a secret agent, In Disguise!is sure to awaken your inner spy! We're not talking about sitting at a desk decoding messages. We're talking about great escapes, perfect disguises, and history-changing acts of courage!

3. A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids by Margot Datz

Revitalize the she-nymph within! The mermaid metaphor speaks to the intuitive, mischievous, untamable spirit of all modern women. Contemporary mermaids are caught in the nets of their comical dilemmas, circling the heart's fishbowl in the murky depths of deep emotion. Whether it's the value of cultivating an inner water garden, or coping with crow's feet and fish tails, this book offers graceful advice and an enchanting way of seeing.

2. In Her Power by Helene Lerner

Discover, claim, and activate your inner authority to achieve confidence, creativity, and intimacy in every aspect of your life from work to relationships to sex. Nationally known women’s advocate Helene Lerner addresses the self-sabotaging behaviors that veil a woman’s full potential, while offering insightful exercises, entertaining quizzes, and uplifting stories that cultivate true self-empowerment. With this book, you will learn to: Stay present in the face of challenge and discomfort. Express yourself genuinely in all aspects of life. Recognize and appreciate your unique destiny. Act with confidence and be visible when it counts. Express your sexuality and experience true pleasure.

1. Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent

Wild Feminine reveals the amazing potential of the female body: the potential to create, to heal, and to transform the energy of a woman’s everyday life. Journey deep into the heart of your body. Travel the terrain of feminine wounds. Go to your root place, the center of all womanhood and radically shift your relationship with your body and spirit. Wild Femininegives you the tools to awaken and retrieve your ancient wild self, restore your creative energy, and reconnect to your sacred center.


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