“There is nothing that is unforgivable…embrace the spirit of Unconditional Forgiveness.” As the holidays near and we approach the New Year, many of us are thinking about new beginnings, about change. Inevitably, thoughts turn to the things in our lives and the things about ourselves we would like to change. But change can be hard. It’s difficult to move forward when the old is still weighing on our shoulders and dragging us backwards. But to release these burdens, doubts, disappointments, and failures, we need to forgive—forgive others and forgive ourselves. In our newest title from Mary Hayes Grieco we are taught there is nothing that cannot be forgiven and shown, in eight easy steps, how to let go of the past and move forward with a lighter heart and a greater sense of purpose. When I first dived into Unconditional Forgiveness I was a bit worried that the book would be a bit heavy, full of heartbreaking stories that would only make me feel guilty about my own seemingly petty worries. But, Mary’s brilliance is her ability to use equal doses of humor, compassion, and clarity to heal any emotional issue, from small to global. In her introduction, she relates her own story of trying to run away from her own worries and anxieties. She seeks shelter in a cabin for a week away, away from her worries and stress, but found she was incapable of relaxing. “I paced around like a cagey cat with a twitchy tail…” She was worried her boyfriend was cheating. She felt guilty for not calling her parents, but couldn’t stand them at the moment. She wondered what to do with herself, and if she would amount to anything. Each of us can relate to feeling overwhelmed with worry, guilt, or shame, and Mary writes the book as though she were right there in the room with you. You share in her own journey to pursue a path of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness and feel like you have a partner with you as you begin your own journey. “I’ve been on a journey of spiritual growth for a long time. I’ve been consciously whacking, chipping, digging out, and polishing off my emotional issues, layer upon layer for many years now.” This title has become my new favorite book to share with family and friends. And during this holiday season, it seems more than appropriate to give this gift, one of release, of unconditional love, of unconditional forgiveness.

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