Did you know that blessing is probably one of the oldest cultural expressions of human spiritual activity, dating back many thousands of years? One of the many things I love about blessing is that it is expressed in a great variety of forms. Take for instance Psalm 23, attributed to King David, which is one of the most universal and beautiful spiritual texts in history. Whatever a person’s religious—or spiritual—background, they can nearly always find something that speaks to them in this text. Today, with minor modifications of it’s form, we are going to use it as a blessing.

May divine Love be your shepherd today.
May you not lack any good.
May it make you to lie down in green pastures,
and lead you besides still waters,
May Love restore your soul, (your spiritual sense.)
May it lead you on the paths of right action
For Love’s sake.

When you walk in the valley of the shadow of death,
May you fear no evil, for truly Love’s rod and Love’s staff are there to comfort you.
May divine Love lay a table in front of your enemies - all the challenges you are facing,
May divine Love anoint your head with oil and may your cup overflow.
May goodness and mercy accompany you all the days of your life
And may you live in the Presence of divine Love for evermore.

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