Yikes -- Mother Days snuck up on me! Today Karen and I were chatting about the day when suddenly she said it was THIS Sunday. Having a mother on the other side of the world means that I have to plan gifts and cards a long time ahead of the day. Ah well, I guess she is used to belated greetings...

The conversation did lead to us considering which one of our Beyond Words books would we give our mothers, and for what reason. I then polled some of the staff, and the results were endearing!

First of all, Karen wrote me a good post all on it's own:

""My mother used to be a librarian and instilled all of us children with a love of reading. In 2005 she was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and struggles to read books now. Luckily some of our books are available from Read How You Want. I just went on their website and see that they have Teach Only Love by Gerald Jampolsky. I'm a big fan of his book Forgiveness (which I brought to my job interview) and this book as well. Who wouldn't like a book about bringing peace and harmony to our lives?

Read How You Want has Teach Only Love for sale in 7 different formats including a 24 sized print; that's the super large edition which still works for my mom. Perfect! My thanks to Read How You Want, Jerry Jampolsky and especially my mother who was all for emphasizing peace and harmony while raising four children on her own!

Check out read Teach Only Love on the Read How You Want website here.""

And in asking for other suggestions, the responses came pouring in!

Bernadette: "" Partnering with Nature because my mom is an organic gardener with a great love for nature and the outdoors.""

Tim: ""I would buy Roll Around Heaven. My mother's sister reminds me of Jessica Maxwell an I'd like to see if my mom thinks so too.""

Cynthia: ""I would send my mother The Art of Thank You book. She was a great teacher of gratitude.""

Whitney: ""I would get my mom The Generosity Plan because she volunteers for many different charities, frequently burning herself out. I have heard her say that she isn't even sure if the charities she works so hard for are the ""right"" ones. Kathy's book would be perfect to help her figure out what she can give to a charity that fits who she is and the talents she has. It would also help her be less stressed and feel more fulfilled in the time she does donate.""

Danielle: ""For me it's Thriving After Divorce. Although my mother has been divorced for over 30 years, I think there are some wounds that could still be healed, and life enrichment would follow. Although it seems like such a serious gift, it's born of love for her and a desire to help her feel the maximum amount of joy that life has to offer!""

Rachel: ""I think I'd get her Gentle Art of Blessing, and thank her for being such a blessing in my life...""

And Devon agrees: "" The Gentle Art of Blessing...although, this gift would have served me better had I been able to give it to her when I was a kid.""

Cindy writes: ""I would (and I did!) buy Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids. It is a beautiful statement about womanhood and it's like telling your mom 'You are a beautiful mermaid!'""

Me, I'd get my mum Mystic Cool. She is very interested in the new science behind our brain's plasticity (neuroplasiticty), and not only does Don Goewey go a great job explaining these breakthroughs, he also illustrates how best to use the science to alleviate stress. (She is currently writing about her fiftieth thesis -- they always get her stressed out!).

Anyhow, here's wishing all those hardworking, loving mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day!

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