Excerpt from Outstanding Health: A Longevity Guide for Staying Young, Healthy, and Sexy for the Rest of Your Life

Why Am I So Tired?

By Michael Galitzer, MD, and Larry Trivieri Jr.

Several years ago Sarah walked into my office and sat down. At 49 years old, she had a range of symptoms—total body pain, chronic stress, insomnia, and always feeling cold, among others. She also told me that her energy level had decreased. “Dr. Galitzer, I’m too young to feel this old and tired,” she protested.

I hear a variation on those words from most of my patients who come not because they have a specific disease but because they “just don’t feel well.” The problem is that most Western-based modern medicine looks at health and disease as two ends of a spectrum—and it rarely addresses the range of symptoms in between. The tests you get through most doctors’ offices (CAT scans, MRIs, biopsies, mammograms, x-rays, blood tests, and so on) are designed to tell you if your body has become sick enough to qualify as having a “disease.” If not, then the doctor will do little for you other than prescribing something to help with your symptoms. If you complain of low energy, they may tell you to sleep more. If you have digestive problems, you may get a prescription for Prilosec. Skin issues? Cortisone or other creams. Trouble sleeping? Ambien or some other sleeping pill.

But to me, it’s not enough that a patient isn’t sick; I want to help them in whatever ways I can to feel completely, abundantly healthy. And that takes more than looking at their cholesterol levels and prescribing medications; it takes assessing their health at the energetic, cellular level.

In my practice, we evaluate a patient’s health in six specific areas: toxicity level, ability to regenerate, terrain status, metabolic status, endocrine balance, and flow of bio-energy throughout the body. In Sarah’s case I ordered blood, saliva, urine, and stool tests. But I also used Energy Medicine tests that a typical Western-trained physician knows nothing about, but which are key to assessing the fundamental functioning of the body. And I look at all of these tests from a different perspective: I want to see how far off the patient is from optimal functioning.

Sarah’s Energy Medicine tests included a bio-impedance test, which measures the percentage of water inside and outside of the cell—the more water in the cell, the healthier you are. It also measures the amount of fat in your body, and how quickly you are creating new cells. (Bio-impedance shows what I call the Vitality Index, which represents a patient’s ability to respond to treatment.) I also did a biological terrain assessment (BTA), which measures the level of digestive enzymes, the health of the lymphatic system and the kidneys, how much energy the cells are making, and whether the patient needs antioxidants or oxidants. (This test, developed by the Germans in the early 1970s, was used by NASA to monitor Apollo series astronauts on flights to our moon.) Then I ran a heart rate variability test (HRV), which measures the responsiveness of the autonomic nervous system, the level of stress or tension in the nervous system, and the health of the adrenal glands. I also tested Sarah using electro-dermal screening, which measures the energy flowing through the body. All of these non-invasive tests took no more than an hour. (You will learn more about each of the above tests and how to find doctors who provide them later on in this book.)

I then asked Sarah about her lifestyle. Did she drink coffee, alcohol, soda, or commercial, non-herbal tea? Did she smoke cigarettes? What medications was she on? Did she use artificial sweeteners like Sweet ‘N Low, Equal, or Splenda? Did she eat a lot of sugar, or crave salt? Did she eat pork, bacon, ham, or breakfast sausage? How many fruits and vegetables did she eat in a typical day? Did she have PMS, did she exercise, did she drink enough water, and was it filtered or straight from the tap? What supplements was she taking? Had she ever had a root canal, and did she currently have silver amalgam fillings or dental implants?

Then I asked Sarah about her emotional life. Did she meditate? How were her relationships with others? Did she like her work? Did she feel she had a purpose in life? Did she feel connected to God or a higher power? Did she have a healthy support system of family and friends? Hardly the questions asked by most doctors, I know, yet each of them provided me with further clues for accurately assessing and addressing the root causes of Sarah’s health complaints.

Sarah’s tests indicated an autoimmune condition, a weak thyroid, and deficiencies in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. I also diagnosed a sluggish liver with high levels of toxicity, and severe adrenal fatigue. Would a conventional Western-trained endocrinologist have come to the same conclusions? Probably not. But many of Sarah’s results were not extreme enough to cause other doctors concern. Instead, they might write the results off as an indication of a natural decrease in hormonal functioning due to her age and/or perimenopausal status. But to my eyes, the results indicated clearly why Sarah was feeling so ill—and I knew that I had a range of treatments that could help restore her to health and vitality.

I explained my program to Sarah and showed her exactly why she was feeling so exhausted. I directed her to avoid peanuts, dairy, and corn, and to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, preferably outdoors. To accelerate her healing, I prescribed bioidentical hormones, vitamin and mineral supplements, proteolytic enzymes, intravenous vitamin C and glutathione, herbal and homeopathic formulas, and photon light therapy. (You will learn more about these approaches later on in this book.)

Within one month Sarah was back in my office, beaming. She was completely pain-free for the first time in years. Her hormone levels were optimal, and all of her tests indicated that her cells and metabolic processes were functioning exactly as they should. She reported that she felt better than she had when she was in her 20s. You could see from the glow of her skin, the light in her eyes, and the bounce in her step that she had returned to vibrant health. “On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m a 20!” she said happily.

Sarah’s dramatic turnaround is typical of the results I see in my patients. We are in the midst of an era where it is possible to reverse physical damage caused by our environment and poor lifestyle choices, and return ourselves to vibrant health. Equally important, we can catch that damage long before it creates real havoc with our bodies, and we can heal ourselves at the cellular and energetic level.

As a medical doctor specializing in Energy Medicine, for the past 30 years I have used cutting-edge conventional and alternative treatments to help people of all ages and from six of the seven continents. My patients tell me that my program has helped them reverse the debilitating effects of conditions like chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, impotence, stroke, MS, even cancer. And every one of them reports that they feel younger and healthier, with more energy, passion, and zest for life than they’ve had in a long, long time.

Now I want to help you achieve the same results for yourself and for your loved ones. To begin, let’s explore what it means to be truly healthy.

Outstanding Health: A Longevity Guide for Staying Young, Healthy, and Sexy for the Rest of Your Life

Outstanding Health: A Longevity Guide for Staying Young, Healthy, and Sexy for the Rest of Your Life

Foreward by Suzanne Somers.
Discover the 6 Essential Keys to Outstanding Health to Maximize Your Energy and Well-Being.

For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Michael Galitzer has been sought out by movers and shakers in business, entertainment, and medicine for his revolutionary approach to health a unique combination of conventional and complementary medicine with a focus on Energy Medicine, which addresses health at the cellular energetic level. Now in Outstanding Health, Dr. Galitzer shares his wisdom so that you, too, can achieve the same benefits of youthfulness and longevity as his patients.

In this groundbreaking book, discover how to renew and revitalize yourself in body, mind, and spirit, so you can enjoy outstanding health at any age. Your journey begins with a new understanding of how to use Energy Medicine to detect and correct health problems long before they ever develop into physical symptoms. And with Dr. Galitzer s 6 Essential Keys to Outstanding Health, you will discover breakthrough solutions for keeping your brain and heart healthy and youthful for the rest of your life. Look and feel much younger than you actually are and live a life of outstanding health.

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