Excerpt from Body Intelligence

by  Joseph Cardillo, PhD

We are all aware that virtue has a religious context. Although this is not the context in which I will be using the word in this discussion, I welcome anyone who wishes to think of virtue religiously.

Virtue, from a scientific perspective, is a subtle energy that pervades and harmonizes the entire Universe. It helps put a face on the Universe’s spiritual energy as well as on yours.

Think about it: If you could husk your own energy to its purest nature, would you do it? Would you like to witness what is there? What would it be like? What would it feel like? What differences could this purest “you” make in your life—physical and otherwise? These are legitimate and important questions because opening up the pipeline to the subtle energy of Virtue will make significant and quick changes in your life and performance.

Indeed, your own purest nature and energy is the same as that of the Universe and that of the force and information from which you were born into this world. To describe this pure, original energy, the sages and masters of enlightenment have historically used words such as honesty, compassion, acceptance, peace, and unconditional love. These words have provided a way to understand the original characteristics of the Universe’s energy and, in doing so, the informed power of its nature. Yet we know that the words, though energies themselves, are limited, as all words are. The feelings these words engender, however, are not. These feelings can help us experience, understand, and know this original energy further.

When you meditate on these words—and I highly encourage you to begin today if you have not already—try to feel into each of their specific energies. The closer you get to the informed power they hold, the closer you will be to your own original nature—who you really are.

The long ancestry of Asian medicines and philosophy has made human comprehension and the use of Universal energy a central focus in living well and meaningfully. From this view, human life, as all life, is not separate from the energy of the Universe. We are part of it. And it is intelligently (communicatively) part of us. Interestingly, there is currently significant agreement on this from the Western sciences as well.

To understand your own energy nature, you have to also consider the energy nature of all that surrounds you. Its purest nature is your purest nature—some traditions call this the soul. Feeling into this nature is feeling into the ground zero of you, your Self, the world around you and everything in it, and the informed core power of the Universe itself. This is the highest quality energy we know. When you feel it, you are energized, relaxed, safe, and happy.

As we have said, the words of Virtue—honesty, compassion, acceptance, peace, and unconditional love—are themselves energy (informed power). Theoretically, by attaching your mind energetically to these terms in meditations and visualizations—moreover, by feeling into them and living with them—you can remove energy blocks within you and reboot your entire being to its original default imprints. Successful rebooting will, of course, depend on several factors, including the quality of meditation practice to which you have evolved and your resonance with your original energy nature—Virtue.

However, because we live in and are part of this physical world, we cannot sustain this energy indefinitely. That is why individuals who use only the lower-level energy resources of physical life (such as medications) to calm down or energize, and even those who use subtler energies of meditations and visualizations as if these were medications for the physical body alone, achieve only temporary successes. In short, that kind of energy wears off like a pill; the problems just keep coming back. The reason for this is that the root cause and energy block exist beyond the physical body. Addressing the realms of body and physical mind only will not solve the issue; the energy quality is insufficient and the scope is incomplete.

Even though you probably won’t be able to sustain your highest quality energy forever, you can still make long-lasting and even permanent changes in the way your mind and body function.

For the best results, you need to put in quality effort. I know that this is not always easy to do—for any of us. Yet in mindfully husking yourself down to your original energy to synchronizie your mind with the nature and goodness of the Universe, you can input the highest quality energy available to you. This is the energy that is who you are and have always been. When you choose to activate this energy, you effect a spectrum of changes in you, from electrical to biochemical, to the subtler energies, ranging from psychological to physical to spiritual. At the very least, this connectivity makes you feel healthy, whole, and good; and you shine through and through.


Take a moment right now to close your eyes and imagine yourself as you were when you were newly born. Simply imagine yourself comfortable and cozy, and warm all over. Use your mind to ease into the energy of that tiny being in your image. Don’t touch the little person; just enter into its energy any way you imagine it. Settle into this energy and feel your way around in it. Empty your mind of any thoughts and just experience the energy that was you when you were first born: conscious and beautiful and alert. Now extend that energy outward, but try to remain sensitive to what you are feeling. Pick any one of these words: honesty, compassion, acceptance, peace, and unconditional love. Bring it to the center of your awareness and resist thinking about it; just feel into it. Feel how it positively affects your personal energy. Hold this energy for a few minutes or as long as you are comfortable. Then carry it in you and radiate it.

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