David Hinshaw’s television career spans over thirty years and includes a wide variety of production experience. He has performed the duties of field producer or director of photography for all the major American broadcast networks, most cable networks, many foreign broadcasters and production companies and a host of corporate clients. He has worked with many independent documentary makers as well as producing three of his own. His 1994 documentary, Through the Tunnel & Beyond, won a best documentary award from the Video Librarian and has aired in Europe, Japan and South America. It is the story of the work of Raymond Moody, author of the groundbreaking work on the near-death experience Life After Life. The New York Times has called Dr. Moody the “father of the near-death experience”.

David’s work has taken him to over twenty countries as well as most of America. In 1991 he was photojournalist for Sky News’ coverage of the siege at Waco Texas, which won several European broadcast journalism awards. His experience includes symphony concert broadcasts, live sporting events, news, documentaries, music videos, image pieces, corporate training videos, reality TV, and fund raising videos for non-profit organizations. David has interviewed hundreds of notable persons ranging from pop figures to sports personalities to intellectual leaders. For twenty years David has served as videographer on call for President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter. Working out of Atlanta, Georgia, David continues to service a wide variety of clients. His recent conversations with Eben Alexander & Raymond Moody is a two-hour discussion of Dr. Alexander’s near-death experience.  Dr. Alexander’s book, Proof of Heaven, has been number one on the New York Times best-seller list for over 40 weeks. These two men of science explore the meaning and existence of consciousness as well as what lies ahead for all of us. It is scheduled for release October 2013.

David earned a masters degree from the University of Cincinnati, received a National Endowment for Arts grant, won two southeastern Emmys, and is the proud father of Drew, age 28, the Wall Street Journal West Africa correspondent, and Kate Hinshaw, age 22, a film maker.