Author, speaker, and award-winning director Mark Vicente was part of the creative team behind the sleeper hit “What The Bleep Do We Know?!”  Mark was born in apartheid era South Africa in 1965. Taking his first photograph at age four, he quickly discovered his passion for being behind the camera. His first big break came as Director of Photography on the musical Sarafina! starring Whoopi Goldberg. In 1992, he set his sights on Hollywood and shot his first studio picture for Disney, Fatherhood, starring Patrick Swayze and Halle Berry. At twenty-six, he became one of the youngest cinematographers to shoot a big-budget studio picture. Over the next ten 10 years, Mark would shoot an additional fourteen 14 feature films.

Mark soon decided that much of the subject matter in Hollywood was sorely lacking. Driven by the conviction that tales of greatness, nobility and introspection could be as compelling and financially successful as the subjects of revenge, pillage and plunder, he decided it was time to only tell stories he cared deeply about. 

Always searching for new ways to raise awareness through film, he is currently developing a number of projects utilizing  groundbreaking human potential technologies. Mark is in final post-production on Encender el Corazon, a documentary about non-violent movements in Mexico. He is the owner of two film companies dedicated to inspiring a deeper experience of the human condition using value-based entertainment. He is the co-founder of a Men’s Movement committed to giving men tools to build character and uphold nobility in the world; and he is the co-founder of a media startup:, which enables the public and journalists to use scientific methods to analyze, understand and produce media.