Professional actor and spiritual author / filmmaker Sean A. Mulvihill is a happiness seeker just like you.   He often asks himself, “Why am I doing __________?  What is the inner experience I am seeking from this action?”  He proposes that the questions we ask ourselves about our life on a daily basis are what eventually create the quality of our life, leading to Sean’s philosophy of “Happy Thoughts, Right Actions: Wonderful Life.”

Sean is unique from most authors because he has been a professional actor since the age of 15, leading him to possess an understanding of and compassion for human nature like few in his field.  When we have as deep a compassion for those whom we dislike as much as our loved ones, we can start to experience the joy that the greatest spiritual masters have achieved.

Sean forces audiences and clients to think at levels so profound that they often make powerful changes in their life rapidly.  After all, Sean went from the most emotionally and financially challenging period of his life to starring in his own film, The Serious Business of Happiness, in less than a year, and it is just this type of transformation that Sean can teach to any true seeker.  One the most exciting aspects of being with Sean in person or on the phone is that he combines humor and real-life self-effacing stories with powerful spiritual concepts.  With his talent and good humor, he has contributed to the success of:  Paramount, Michael Bay, CBS, HBO, Game Show Network, FOX, Tuacahn Ampitheatre, Venetian Macau, Actors Equity Association, and many more.

Prior to his current conversations around happiness, he was the first U.S. filmmaker to put Eckhart Tolle in a docu-drama feature film.  He has also been personally mentored by Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, Gary Renard, Matthew Kelly, Geronimo Pratt, and Michael Beckwith and continues to remain in the presence of those who connect to Source in a powerful way.

Sean is part of the team for Synergy TV Network, manager of the Wanna Be Now, LLC spritual entertainment company, and lead writer for