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Beyond Belief: Wake Up to Your Dream Life

In the journey of expanded awareness, the film Beyond Belief is an innovative guide. Beyond Belief explores the role that beliefs and the subconscious mind play in creating your life experiences.This compelling documentary offers tools to help you release and remove obstacles that are blocking you. With techniques such as self-observation, cultivating creativity, NLP and Time Line Therapy, you will discover the powerful resources that reside already deep inside you and use them to unleash the potential of your creative mind. 

Published: July 14, 2010
Director: Becky Hays and Jim Holzknecht
Producer: Becky Hays and Jim Holzknecht
Featuring: Julia Cameron, Jack Canfield, Amit Goswami, Bruce Lipton, Judith Orloff, James Twyman, and others.
UPC: 7-05105-46646-0
Runtime: 80 minutes