Inna Segal

Freedom from Stress

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Freedom From Stress has been designed to help you de-stress, heal, regenerate your nervous system, balance your hormones and experience more peace and wellbeing in your life. Use this program several times a week to relax and experience more peace, joy and effectiveness.

“I decided to create Freedom From Stress because I feel that it is imperative that we start taking better care of our bodies and preventing the many possible diseases that come from being stressed.” – Inna Segal

Introduction: how to use this audio program. Let go of stress, pressure & tension: regenerate & heal. Release worry and stress: experience ease & harmony. Release stress: balance your hormones & emotions. Releasing stress at work or in a group. Release fatigue and boost your energy: energize now.

ISBN: 978-1-58270-343-5
UPC: 7-24868-03435-8