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Track 1—Introduction
Inna explains how to utilize the free audio processes for the greatest results. Listen to this introduction before you participate in the two interactive processes. Each process is unique and powerful, and was developed from Inna’s workshops, her work with private clients, and her own healing experience.

Track 2—Exercise for Tuning Into Your Body
This is a process for tuning into your body, which is similar to the one Inna used to heal herself. This process can assist you in discovering the cause of any physical or emotional challenges you may be experiencing, and guide you to activate your healing abilities to free your body from tension and pain.

Track 3—Exercise for Healing Your Stuck Emotions
This process is designed to help you let go of any stuck or unpleasant emotions you may be feeling. This track was taken from Inna’s Freedom from Pain audio program.

Do not listen to these audio processes while driving a vehicle or operating machinery.
Listen to this audio program when you can close your eyes and relax completely.
All Visionary Intuitive Healing audio processes contain healing frequencies transmitted by Inna Segal.
35 Minutes. © 2010 Inna Segal. All rights reserved.
All vocals by Inna Segal. Original Visionary Intuitive Healing music by Phillip Gelbach and Paul Morris Segal.