Mary Hayes Grieco

A Woman’s Ways

Love audiobooks? Mary's two audiobooks are truly special! Recorded in the beautiful sound studios of Minnesota Public Radio, with Mary's wonderful voice and pleasing musical transitions, these works have a warm, intimate quality that encourages you to drop into your heart and soul while you listen. Enjoy Mary's amazing storytelling and her crystal clear philosophy, and listen again and again.

A Woman's Ways is two audiobooks in one: Women's Spirituality and Develop Your Intuition. Women's Spirituality celebrates the rebirth of The Divine Mother back into our human consciousness and institutions. Discover the little known "Our Mother" prayer, the lost half of Christianity's central prayer, and be amazed at the Mother's mysterious ways as they are expressed in Mary's stories. Learn the four kinds of intuition, deal with your blocks to intuition, and get help with developing discernment and an accurate and ethical intuition that makes life easier and amplifies your purposes.

MP3 Downloads 16 Tracks