Sebastian Siegel

Awakening World: Life's Meaning: Five Questions, One Answer

Want to get closer to someone you love?

Or bridge a connection in a relationship? How about inspire a friend with an invitation to re-explore our deepest purpose? Take part in the practice that is donning the new culture of kindness. Awakening World sets out the fundamentals of this movement and is having an inspiring impact on thousands of people! It has screened to standing-room-only audiences from HIFF to the Egyptian Theatre, won Most Inspiring Documentary in Miami and received the largest audience at a screening in the history of the Sedona International Film Festival.

Give the gift of interpersonal connection to a friend you love, or watch the film with a group and see how it inspires your conversations!

Awakening World Copyright 2012 All rights reserved

Published: June 10, 2014
Produced and Directed by Sebastial Siegel
ISBN: 9781582704999
Run Time: 40 minutes