Ron Pevny

Conscious Living, Conscious Aging (10th Anniversary): Claiming the Gifts of Elderhood

What will we aim for after retirement or do we even retire at all? Do we choose to grow and change as the world grows and changes, or do we sit in our recliners and complain? If you’re part of the Baby Boomer generation, then you belong to largest generation thus far of the US population that is retiring healthier than any generation before. And that means retirement is starting to look a whole lot different.

A great many older adults are excited to create a passionate, active, fulfilled, and engaging later life. That’s where Ron Pevny comes in. His inspiring guide helps you do what he calls “conscious eldering”—or making a reality the life of growth, purpose, service, and spiritual exploration you’ve always imagined for yourself. In addition to wisdom for understanding and navigating this major life transition, Pevny offers advice that helps you work with loss and grief, identify your goals and intentions, contribute to society, remain engaged and relevant, navigate the role of the elder in today’s societal crisis, and spend your later years in profound personal development.

Today’s seniors are reshaping what retirement is all about. It is a whole new opportunity to engage with family, community, your spiritual source, and the world with vigor. Don’t just grow old. Aim high and claim the gifts of elderhood.

 Title Conscious Living, Conscious Aging (10th Anniversary)
Subtitle Claiming the Gifts of Elderhood
Author Ron Pevny
Pub Date July 16, 2024
ISBN 978-1-58270-438-8
Trim Size 5 ½ x 8 3/8
Page Count 288
Price $18.99
Format Paperback