Conversations Beyond Proof of Heaven

Is there life beyond this life? If we all knew our life on planet Earth is just one in a series of many lives, what would we do differently? What implications does this knowledge have on the everyday, the economy, and the world as we know it?

Join filmmaker David Hinshaw as he documents the exploration of these questions and more in a dialogue between Dr. Eben Alexander and Dr. Raymond Moody. Set against the backdrop of Dr. Alexander’s Virginia home and contextualized by his own passionately recounted experience of being brain dead for a week—a near-death experience unlike any other ever detailed—the film invites you to become a part of the conversation as Dr. Alexander and Dr. Moody discuss:

  • Soul School—what it is and why we are here.
  • Consciousness—is it dependent on the brain or a richer, freer state that exists beyond the physical mind?
  • Time—how it flows, how we perceive it linearly, and how all things are happening at once.
  • Science and Spirituality—the possibility of merging the two as partners rather than adversaries and the consideration of science in the question of the soul. 

Rich, real, and engaging, this film captures that something we all know about divine nature that is beyond words but felt at the deepest level. Get ready for the experience of this lifetime—an experience you will want to share with friends and family—as Dr. Alexander and Dr. Moody shed light on the divine plan of the Universe to help us with the realization that we are far more than we ever thought ourselves to be. 

Runtime: Approx 121 minutes