Markos Kounalakis

Defying Gravity: The Making of Newton

Learn the intimate, dramatic and, most importantly, human side of an innovative corporation's risky effort to stay on top in a domain where winners and losers succeed each other with bewildering speed. The first Newton product is a portable, pen-based, handheld computing device that goes far beyond the capabilities of a desktop computer. It allows the user to easily capture, organize, and communicate information. Apple calls it a "personal digital assistant" and considers it to be its biggest market opportunity since the introduction of the Macintosh, something by which it could reinvent itself. Defying Gravity explores the process by which an idea is born and translated into a product on which fortunes can be made or lost, taking as its example the technological quest and business adventure story behind Newton.

Publishing: October 1993
Photographer: Doug Menuez
ISBN: 978-0-94183-194-9
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 8 1/2 x 11 inches