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David Riley and Olivia Wu: Dense and Delicious, Simple and from Scratch VOD

David Riley, MD, has helped found three peer-review, indexed medical journals, most recently “Global Advances in Health and Medicine.” In 2011 he led a consensus process developing health research reporting guidelines for case reports (CARE Guidelines). The CARE guidelines were published simultaneously in seven medical journals in the fall of 2013 and presented on at the 7th Peer Review and Biomedical Publication Congress sponsored by the BMJ and JAMA. They are available at David Riley attended Georgetown and the University of Utah medical school, is board certified in Internal Medicine, and has significant post-graduate medical training in integrative medicine.

Dr. Riley has conducted and managed research projects in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States since 1992 ranging from practice-based research networks to randomized controlled trials. In 2004 he led the development of licensure and scope of practice regulations for Dubai Health Care City – DHCC in the United Arab Emirates. He lectures and consults internationally on a range of healthcare issues including case reports, healthcare policy and regulation, education and research. Prior to attending medical school he worked as a musician and chef in the United States and Europe. He is married and lives in Portland, Oregon.

Olivia Wu is the community manager for the food team at Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., where she creates programs in nutrition, health, education and employee wellbeing. She joined Google in 2007 as an executive chef.Previous to that she was a staff-writer for the award-winning San Francisco Chronicle food section. Her journalistic career spanned 20 years, from the Chicago dailies to San Francisco. Ms. Wu has founded two cooking schools, written two books, worked as a personal chef and caterer, and is a certified nutrition counselor and certified yoga teacher. At Google, she co-founded the Mindful-Lunch group, and teaches “Manage Your Energy,” as well as yoga.

Published: September 23, 2014