Shannon Kaiser

Guidance from Gaia Oracle: Practices and Affirmations from Spirit Animals (A 52-Card Deck & Guidebook)

Pre-order only, available October 8th, 2024

Gaia symbolizes all life on Earth as well as the planet itself. Our ancestors understood the harmonizing effects of connecting with nature and Earth daily, and now—at a time when people are yearning to escape the hustle and chaos of society and technology—practical tools like Guidance from Gaia Oracle can usher in the peace we all deeply need. This powerful deck combines the ancient wisdom and lush imagery of the benevolent animal spirit guides of Mother Earth with powerful insights to guide you to rebalance and calm your life from the inside out.

Categorized in the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and spirit, Guidance from Gaia Oracle is designed to connect you to the sacred knowledge inherent in the earth and nature that surrounds you. Each card gives the reader a unique message from a Guide of Gaia; an affirmation for stress relief and clarity of mind; and a way to bring yourself back into alignment with your true self and the natural world.

From personal growth to improving interpersonal relationships, tapping into Gaia’s healing energy can be a key foundation to your wellness and happiness routine.

 Title Guidance from Gaia Oracle
Subtitle Practices and Affirmations from Spirit Animals (A 52-Card Deck & Guidebook)
Author Shannon Kaiser
Pub Date October 8th, 2024
ISBN 9781582709215
Trim Size 5 x 6.75"
Page Count 176
Price $24.00
Format Card Deck