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Incite Happiness with Lama Marut: Happiness is in Sight

This special offer includes one Incite Happiness DVD and 12 instant-access streaming videos featuring Lama Marut.

Incite Happiness, a film narrated by the spiritually acclaimed author & teacher, Lama Marut, was produced to help people create true happiness in the context of today’s world. Incite Happiness speaks to consumerism today, seeking refuge in religion, the rise of depression over the last two decades and how to help understand the real causes of your suffering. The information imparted applies to everyday people – whether they’ve made a commitment to a spiritual tradition or not – who want to live useful, good, happy, purposeful lives. It encourages viewers to think differently, and become empowered to change their lives for the happier. "You don't have to believe in anything, no super natural nothings. A spiritual life is about living happily in the present, and the only person preventing you from doing that is you."

BONUS: When you purchase the Incite Happiness DVD from Beyond Words, you will gain instant access to over 20 hours of Lama Marut's Teachings of the Lam Rim video-on-demand series. This is a $119.40 value!

Broken up into 12 online videos, this video series starts with an overview of the Tibetan Buddhist genre of texts known as the "lam rim," the "steps on the path," which outline the spiritual path from beginning to end.  In these first set of teachings we cover the preliminary sections: finding a teacher and recognizing one's "leisure and fortune" -- the amazing opportunity we have in this blessed life to pursue a spiritual path.  We then turn to "steps shared with those of lesser scope," or the foundations of a spiritual life.  These include recognizing impermanence and the reality of death, developing a healthy fear of the consequences of not living a spiritual life, going for "refuge" or "shelter" in what we can really rely on to help us, and understanding the workings of karma.

After a review of the foundational steps on the path, we turn attention to the "steps shared with those of medium scope," beginning with teachings on how to stimulate the aspiration for complete freedom from suffering (the state known as "nirvana") which first requires a deep understanding of the nature of our present unhappiness and its causes.  We then turn to how to break the chain that perpetually reinvigorates this cycle of suffering.  Finally we discuss the path that will bring about our transformation into a condition of deep and true individual happiness.

The first class surveys the steps on the path already covered.  Teachings two through four continue on to cover the "steps shared with those of greater capacity":  the methods for generating the altruistic "wish for Awakening" based on compassion and a sense of obligation to help relieve all others of their suffering.  We then continue with a discussion of the six "perfections" which guide the life of a saint or "bodhisattva":  generosity, ethical living, patience, joyful effort, meditative concentration, and wisdom.