Jennifer Adams

Love Coming Home: Transform Your Environment. Transform Your Life.

Home is your base. Home is your sanctuary. It s where your best life begins.

This friendly guide will give you the tools and knowledge, and empower you to make wherever you live be it rented, owned, or shared a place where you will absolutely love coming home to.

No matter how much or how little someone has at a given moment, we often hold the belief that our actual dream home will be a place we will eventually move to down the road once we've saved enough and worked hard enough to achieve it. We are all striving to discover that perfect place and rarely see the potential in the place we are living in right now. Jennifer Adams, designer and founder of the international home décor company Home by Jennifer Adams®, shares her insider secrets of how you don t have to wait.

In Love Coming Home, Jennifer combines her professional designer s tool kit of proven tips and resources with her inspirational coaching experience, motivating and empowering you to turn your ideas of a dream home into reality by:

  • Demystifying the practical and powerful visualization tool, Vision Boards
  • Showing you simple steps to define, refine, and align your home projects and ideas into manageable goals
  • Inspiring you to let go of restrictions and take action with confidence
  • Sharing her top eleven designer s secrets, and so much more

Jennifer's step-by-step, room-by-room, guidance will help you create a welcoming and functioning space that expresses your unique individuality throughout even the smallest to largest of floor plans. Your dwelling can become an environment that supports and inspires you, to be your perfect sanctuary, because home is where your best life begins!