John J. Murphy

Miracle Minded Manager

Format: Book

Jack MacDonald, president of TYPCO, is trying to transform his company. He’s hit a roadblock with defensive direct reports and antiquated systems that no longer serve the organization. Unsure of how to continue, he turns to business consultant and mentor Jordan Mckay, who has helped Jack with other management challenges in the past.

 Jack is surprised that instead of suggesting practical business tactics, Jordan encourages him to try A Course in Miracles to open his mind and let go of ego. Though at first he’s reluctant, Jack and his wife, Judy, begin to follow the course. The personal and professional results are life-changing.

 Applying the course helps Jack resolve problems at TYPCO, but he soon experiences transformations in all areas of his life: from family relationships to his daily stress levels. It also serves him well during one of the most personal trials of his life.

 Readers will learn along with Jack that miracles spread across all areas of life, if only we open ourselves up to faith.

Pub Date: October 22, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-58270-717-4
Trim Size: 5 ½ x 8 3/8
Page Count: 272


Miracle-Minded Manageris far more than a book on management. It is a book on life. We strive so hard to achieve ego-based results in both our professional and personal capacities.  In the process, we create a stress-filled life for ourselves.  Through his gifted storytelling, John Murphy describes how to achieve peace and happiness outside the office, and at the same time, he artfully explains how to take those concepts into the work-place to build a stronger, more collaborative culture and team that achieves great results with reduced stress.    It sounds too good to be true, and perhaps even miraculous.  But the teachings in this wonderful book make perfect sense.   I know from personal experience, a leader who is at peace and empowers his team as Miracle-Minded Manager teaches, also empowers his team to achieve great things.  I have urged my family to read it.  I cannot give it a higher endorsement.

—Gary Garfield, Keynote Speaker and retired Chairman, President and CEO of Bridgestone Americas, Inc.


“Society has reached a tipping point where we can no longer pretend that happiness will be achieved solely by attaining outer success. If the business world does not incorporate spirituality, then stress-related illness, depression, and even hopelessness will overtake our lives. As author John Murphy states so aptly in this monumental book, “It often takes a certain amount of suffering before people are ready to challenge the ego and open up to the Truth.”  Before your personal suffering becomes too great, I urge you to join Jack, the Miracle-Minded Manager, “with humility and an open mind,” on his miraculous  journey to discovering how anyone can live true success, happiness, and most of all, peace of mind and how you can share what you’ve discovered with those you love so that their lives can also be miraculous.

—Debra Poneman, bestselling author and founder of Yes to Success Seminars, Inc.