Carolyn Garcia


When a charming lunar visitor arrives in the town of Poppygold, most people refuse to talk to the new arrival because he looks so strange. Luckily, one curious boy decides that he will let Moonboy speak for himself.

Through Ed Bread’s bravery, the town learns an important lesson about true friendship and the dreams within our hearts.

Readers of all ages will love joining Moonboy on his interplanetary search for a friend.

"A story that most kids can relate to. Moon Boy struggles to make friends, so he comes down to earth. Upon his arrival he notices that he does things very differently than the humans, but he keeps trying to connect by adapting to their behaviors and customs. But nothing seemed to help. Moon Boy was still sad and alone. Everyone in town had their own pre-conceived notions about Moon Boy; some quite outrageous. Then the question arose, "But what's in your heart?" Then everything changed. A sweet story with many morale applications and talking points." — Emily Lewis, Mrs. Mommy Booknerd's Book Reviews