Carolyn Garcia

Moonboy, 25th Anniversary Edition

*Pre-order, available August 6th, 2024*

The Man in the Moon allows his precious son, Moonboy, to descend to Earth—the mysterious world below. When the charming lunar visitor lands on the top of a hill overlooking Poppygold, the bustle and cheer of the town’s children fill Moonboy with glee. “Hello, hello, hello!” he calls, imitating their banter, but the children are so shocked by his appearance that they run in the other direction.

Confused and hurt, Moonboy retires to his new home and plans a party, but the residents of Poppygold are too scared to attend. Only a curious and friendly boy, Ed Bread, listens to his heart and refuses to accept the townspeople’s disdain for their new neighbor. Through Ed’s curiosity and bravery, the town learns an important lesson about true friendship and the dreams within our hearts.

Readers of all ages will love joining Moonboy on his interplanetary search for a friend. Moonboy emphasizes the importance of tolerance and diversity—a much-needed reminder in today’s society.

 Title Moonboy, 25th Anniversary Edition
Author Carolyn Garcia
Pub Date
August 6, 2023
Trim Size
8 ½ X 11
Page Count