Gary Malkin

Music of the Great Smoky Mountains, The

Emmy award-winning composer Gary Malkin paints the Smokys in orchestral colors, adding touches of mountain fiddle, Native American drums, and piano notes as soft and bright as raindrops.

Appalachian melodies drift through like figments, presences from another time. A nostalgic solo flute calls out above shadowed chords, then soars over vast panoramas, propelled by distant drums. Evocative and deeply inspiring, this contemporary music captures the dignity of our American ancestry and heralds a vision of hope for the future.

Music Composed and Produced By Gary Malkin

1.The Journey 5:40
2. Mountain Majesty 5:33
3. Flight of the Hawk 6:37
4. Appalachian Sunrise 6:32
5. A Time Ago 5:45
6. Ghosts on Old Settler’s Trail 5:33
7. Trail of Tears 8:10
8. The Innocent Land 7:32
9. Through the Veil of Time 3:44
10. Settler’s Waltz 3:48
11. The Courage to Dream 6:28
12.  Napoleon’s Retreat 3:47