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Predictive Biomarkers: Comprehensive Health and Nutrition VOD

Russell Jaffe, MD, Ph.D, CCN, received his three degrees from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1972. He completed residency training in clinical chemistry at the National Institutes of Health (1973 - 1976), remaining on the permanent senior staff until 1979. He is board certified in Clinical and Chemical Pathology. He also has considerable expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, active meditation, homeopathy and manipulative arts. Dr. Jaffe started the Health Studies Collegium, a think tank that focuses on sustainable solutions to global health needs, and is the Lab Director of ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies, which offers the only lymphocyte response assay for detecting delayed hypersensitivities. He is also the CEO of PERQUE Integrative Health, a company that offers the world premier nutraceuticals and scientifically proven, integrative health solutions speeding the transition from sick care to healthful caring. Dr. Jaffe’s practical contributions to clinical medicine and healthcare policy focus on functional, predictive tests and procedures designed to improve the precision of both diagnosis and of treatment outcomes. Honored as an International Scientist of 2003 by the IBC, Oxford, England, UK, Dr. Jaffe is also the recipient of the Merck, Sharp & Dohm Excellence in Research Award, the J.D. Lane Award, and the U.S.P.H.S. Meritorious Service Award.

Published: September 23, 2014