Beyond Words Publishing

Sacred Journeys VOD

Available to watch online on September 28, 2018!

Marco is a mess. He lives like a slob. He hasn’t even unpacked yet from his move back into town, 5 years ago. He’s lonely, depressed, and just barely going through the motions as a Vortex Tour Guide in magical Sedona.

Tiff hasn’t been back to Sedona for over a decade. She didn’t exactly leave under the best of circumstances. Thinking she can avoid her past, she’s returned with her son Luke, hoping to give him some time to heal in her old home town. Luke’s recently begun chemo.

It was all going so well— a beautiful resort, some spa time, a vortex tour... Until Tiff realizes the guide is her one-time best friend. That’s when it all turns upside down for everyone. She didn’t know Marco was back and it was Marco she wanted to avoid most of all. They share a secret, and that secret just might be what’s been holding them both back all this time.

This tender comedy shows what new beginnings can look like in the age of a modern family.