Masaru Emoto

The Secret Life of Water

Concentrate on the power of prayer with The Secret Life of Water. Masaru Emoto's hope is to bring the world closer to peace through the use of water. Water can act as a mirror, and the quality of water is a reflection of our hearts. Emoto stresses that the current water situation is serious. The first step toward protecting the earth and water is to focus on our prayers. In June 1999, 350 people gathered at Lake Biwa in Japan and prayed for world peace. The water in the lake improved. Similar experiments also resulted in the formation of beautiful water crystals. Water shows visually that prayers can change the world. Those who become aware of their role to pray for the betterment of the earth must take action so that others will also follow. In order to facilitate this, Emoto started a project of prayer that occurs on the twenty-fifth of each month around the world.

HARDCOVER ISBN: 978-0-74328-982-5
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 5 x 7 inches

PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-0-74329-032-6
Pages: 224
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