Dian Malouf

Seldom Heard: Ranchers, Ranchos & Runmors of the South Texas Brush Country

Dian Malouf knows the old timers of the South Texas ranches, and her new book Seldom Heard is an easy read through 26 essays of ranches, some of which date back 100 years in the same family and spread up to 360,000 acres.In contrast with a world overrun with television and rock stars, this book is filled with authentic people with their own idiosyncrasies.

15 years and 40,000 miles of Malouf’s life was spent interviewing, recording, appreciating, and passionately writing about ranching families in hope that others will read their stories.

Foreword: Liz Carpenter
Published: June 25, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-58270-130-1
Pages: 164
Dimensions: 10 x 0.7 x 12 inches