J.M. Bedell

So, You Want to Work with Animals?

Do you remember what career you dreamed of having when you were a kid? Right up there along with firefighter, doctor, and astronaut, you’ll find veterinarian as one of the top kid dream jobs. This usually stems from that childhood love of a beloved pet or even the adventure of visiting the exotic animals at the zoo. But there are so many other careers that are focused around animals that kids don’t know exist.

In the 10th book in the Be What You Want series, J. M. Bedell takes kids through the incredibly diverse fields that work hands-on with animals of all shape, size, and species. Covering industries from domestic and exotic veterinary medicine, wildlife protection and conservation, farming and fisheries, research, and even animal training and handling (like police dogs), So, You Want to Work with Animals? explores what these jobs are really like—the fun stuff, the hard stuff, and even the gross stuff. Kids also learn what it takes to enter these careers, what experience and education is needed for each field, and what they can expect to make for a salary, all backed by tips and interviews from industry professionals, to excite and give direction.

In addition, inspiring stories from kids their own age paint a picture what it’s like to be working with animals already, plus, activities, a glossary, and resources round out this educational and fun read, putting kids on the path to their dream job!