Cynthia Black

Spiritual Writing: From Inspiration to Publication

Do you have a drive to write, but don't know how to get your ideas into the marketplace? This is two books in one: first, it is an inspiring, motivating, and captivating look at the spiritual life and the call to write; and second, it is a manual of practical tips and advice on how to bring spiritually-oriented work from manuscript to publication. It is based on the premise that some writers write because they want to, and some write because they have to. Spiritual writers are drawn to the writing process by a sense of mission, which is often at odds with the realities of publishing. While acknowledging the special nature of spiritual writing, this unique book helps the reader mold his her message to get published in this specialized genre.

Published: August 28, 2001 
ISBN: 978-1582700663
Pages: 237
Dimensions: 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches