Derek Rydall

The Abundance Project: 40 Days to More Wealth, Health, Love, and Happiness

The Abundance Project: 40 Days to More Wealth, Health, Love, and Happinessis about having more than enough in any area of your life—more than enough money, time, love, creativity, happiness—regardless of the circumstances you’ve been through or are currently facing. This book will give you the ability to generate an abundance of everything you need. This may sound like wishful thinking, but once you understand what you’re really made of, and what the source of real abundance is, you will unleash your divine inheritance.

Built on universal, proven principles,  The Abundance Projectwill break you out of the unsustainable buying-consuming loop created by the mindset that fulfillment comes from outside yourself, causing you to shut down your abundance-creating source that lives within. Instead, Derek Rydall shows you how to tap into and harness your personal infinite-sum reserve, so you can have the freedom, passion, resources, and resourcefulness to take your life to the next level and live your full potential.

Rydall teaches the laws of  giving  and  circulationthat will release the channels of abundance in your life through the 7 Gifts that Give You Everything; he will help you identify Abundance Blindspots and Shadows that get in the way; and he walks you through the step-by-step Abundance Boot Camp so you can design and master the life you’ve envisioned.The Abundance Projectis a way of living that turns life from transactional to transformational.

Published: February 20th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-58270-652-8
Pages: 256 
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches