Gabriel "White Deer of Autumn" Horn"

The Great Change

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In this Native American tale, a wise grandmother explains the meaning of death, or the Great Change, to her questioning granddaughter. While going through their daily tasks in the Native way, taking from Mother Earth only what is needed and returning what is not used so as to replenish her, nine-year-old Wanba asks,Why do fish have to die? Why does anything have to die? Why did Grandpa have to die?Grandmother explains that just as a caterpillardiesonly to become a beautiful butterfly, there is nodeathin the Circle of Lifeonly the Great Change.

This is a story of passing on tradition, culture, and wisdom to the next generation. It is a moving tale for everyonechildandadultwho wonders about what lies beyond this life.

Title: The Great Change
Author: Gabriel "White Dee of Autumn" Horn
Illustrator: Carol Grigg
On Sale: 3/21/2023


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8 1/2 x 11

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